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Federal Signal机电警报器-德国Federal通用警报器A-120

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Federal Signal A是一种通用的机电警报器,可为工业应用产生独特的声音和音质。它具有较高的最大间距,可提供与工业环境噪声的出色对比度。A型机于1918年推出,至今仍在许多坚固耐用的极端环境和应用中使用。

Federal Signal A型采用通用电机,可在120VAC或125VDC下运行。分马力电机在专门设计的定子内驱动一个带端口的铝制转子,以产生独特的声音。小型内部风扇在运行期间冷却电机。建议的工作周期为五分钟/五分钟。这个警报器在全RPM下产生103dBa @ 10'(113dBa @ 1m)和1060Hz的注意力。


Federal Signal A型金属外壳采用红色粉末涂层密封,外观美观,耐腐蚀性优异。旋转安装支架可容纳墙壁和表面安装装置。

Federal Signal Model A is a general-purpose electro-mechanical siren that produces a distinctive sound and tonal quality for industrial applications. It has a high maximum pitch which provides excellent contrast to industrial ambient noise. Introduced in 1918, the Model A is still used today in many rugged and extreme environments and applications.

The Model A features a universal motor and operates with 120VAC or 125VDC. The fractional horsepower motor drives a ported aluminum rotor within the specially designed stator to produce a unique sound. A small internal fan cools the motor during operation. The recommended duty cycle is five minutes on/five minutes off. This siren produces an attention-getting 103dBa @ 10' (113dBa @ 1m) and 1060Hz at full R.P.M.

The Model A's metal housing is sealed with red powder coat for an attractive appearance and superior corrosion resistance. The swivel mount bracket accommodates wall and surface mount installations.

The Model A is UL and cUL Listed and FM Approved.

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